I made a killer li’l breakfast the other day. 2 scrambled eggs… no salt, three strips of thick slice bacon, toast, and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese with a hefty portion of fresh ground pepper. I can’t leave out the fresh blueberries and fresh ground black coffee in my rad Lamborghini mug.





The other day I came home from work to find a wonderful dish prepared by my lovely girlfriend, Lieze. On-plate was barbecue chicken, baked potato wedges, and peas and carrots atop white rice.

Due to my workload as of late… I’ve curbed my caffiene curbing, and resorted back to daily single-cups of a regular black blend.

This entry isn’t about that, as much as it is about Starbucks’ “Perfect Oatmeal”. I tried it on a whim… and it really lives up to it’s name.

It comes with your choice of 3 toppings: brown sugar, dried fruit, and a nut medley. Drop all three (light on the brown sugar) to make a perfect morsel to accompany a cup of joe. Although I was skeptical at first… I endorse this overpriced porridge immensely.

Upon a recent trip to Cracker Barrel for delectable evening breakfast excursion, I managed to wolf down an entire Sunrise Special. I’m talking EVERYTHING. For many, this is no amazing feat. But I am thin of a skeletal nature, and my stomach does not accommodate mass quantities of food very well. Usually when I eat at Cracker Barrel, I enjoy tasting a variety of different foods, but rarely do I finish it all.


During this meal, I killed off 3 scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, sugar-cured ham, AMAZING golden-cheese hashbrowns, a bowl of cinnamon apples, a bowl of grits, two orange slices AND a country biscuit. I made it half-way through my second “half-and-half”, or “Arnold Palmer” as they’re called in the Souf.

Usually when I eat this much, I feel sick afterwards. But not this time. I felt full of Southern goodness as me and my lady hopped into my big-ass truck and hit the road.

On a recent trip to Taylorsville, GA… my buddy Brady Stribling and I stopped and a random rural gas station. We stumbled upon this gem of an energy “product”.


Due to recent health issues, I’ve had to eliminate my caffeine (and candy) intake altogether… but Brady had to buy it as a souvenir. The back read “Mix BLOW in 16oz of your favorite beverage and SHARE WITH A FRIEND”. Scary. It also said “DO NOT SNORT BLOW”. Even more frightening was that the crack vial this stuff came in was leaking, and was all over the inside of the blister pack that it came in. QUALITY.

I think there is a direct correlation with “energy” products like this (most energy drinks for that matter), and tobacco usage way back in the day. With no regulation… who knows what the hell is in this shit. For all we know it is REAL cocaine, and not caffeine, taurine, and yellow #5 dried into a crack vial and sold in shady refueling stops.

While on this excursion… I missed out on an amazing candy purchase. It was called “TOXIC WASTE”. The irony is that we were right next to a nuclear power plant. Next time, my friends… next time.

While my buddy Hooman and I were up at the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, we were treated to Michelin hospitality. We landed some sweet Ben & Jerry’s during the day… then at 6pm… were treated to an amazing dinner.

Steak, shrimp, loaded baked potatoes, stir-fry, amazing dinner rolls, and delicious chocolate covered cake things. I don’t have a very big stomach… but I ate ALL of this.